Craigslist’s Rule Changes and Tips to Overcome the Effects of These Changes

Craigslist has been one of the best ways to market products and services online until now. Now, Craigslist has made certain changes in the posting rules that are definitely going to affect the way posters used to market their products using this platform. These changes are aimed at improving the quality of business listings by enforcing some limitations. With that said, these changes may not be of huge impact for the ones who used Craigslist marketing as one of their marketing tactics. However, the changes definitely mean a lot for the ones who relied heavily on Craigslist.

Below discussed are the changes made in Craigslist, and also the tips that may be helpful in overcoming the deficit which is going to be inevitable due to the changes.

Forget HTML; focus more on quality of listing
HTML features such as image tags, HTML templates, logos and hyperlinks are no longer available in the Craigslist posts. Hence, you are basically left with limited options to make your Craigslist post elaborative. So, it basically means that you are going to need to make the Craigslist post comprehensive using specific strategies in order to overcome the changes which came as a result of limitations. You can work on developing keyword-rich content in order to optimize it for search engines. Some powerful calls to action and a phone number can give people a definite way to contact you for the product or service you are selling.

Although, you cannot add hyperlinks in the posts, you can still list full URLs to provide users with a way to find your website or business page.

Make images the real focal points
Although, you cannot import images through HTML, you have still got the ability to upload up to 12 images in a Craigslist post. So, make the full use of this opportunity to make the post good looking and informative. You should be selective regarding choosing the images to upload. Make sure that you are using high quality camera for taking pictures. To make the images look professional, you can edit those photos in any high quality photo editing platform.

Use social media to promote your listing
Your business page on social media is the best online resource which can be used for promotion of your listing on Craigslist. Make sure the content which you are going to use along with the listing’s link is compelling. This way, you will be able to get valuable traffic not only from your friends and followers on social media but also from the people to whom the social media posts would be shared.

Don’t rely completely on Craigslist

Remember, the recent changes in Craigslist are made to make the platform useful for classified advertising. Until now, it had been a resource for digital marketing activities, such as link building, to a great extent. So, if it is the SEO and link building that you are after, you need to focus other ways to promote your online business.